Photo Archive 1800-1959
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Orlabor Houses
1h Main street early 1900's
1g Uptown looking east with people
1c Lewis General Store B
1f Uptown early 1900's Northside
1e Uptown early 1900's N
1916 Football
1q People at Train Depot
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M.E. Church Sunday School 1924
Children's Rescue Home Late 1920's
1920-1930 Isola & Paul Fontana & Leno Ca
orchestra 1928_result
1920-1930 Isola & Paul Fontana & Leno Ca
Dale & Ed Adamson 8-8-1929
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South end of Ankeny High School and Jr
Main street 1936
City Park (now Wagner) 1930's
Methodist Church on SW Walnut
Lamberti Ice & Fuel Co. Advertisement
lamberti truck
PA Logli store uptown
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1u Uptown - 1940's
1w Lein's Locker 1944
Building Plant - #10
Goodner Cafe 1942-1944 on 3rd & SW Maple
Builing plant #23
Building Plant - #7
Betti, Jo, Chris Olline, Lam Old Uptown
1942 girls Basketball Team
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1z 1958 Aerial of Ankeny
1x 1950's
1951 JD Women's Basketball Team
1y 1953 Fire Truck 1
1951 Jr Play leads
Last commuter Inter Urban car headed fro
Hail Storm late 50's or early 60's
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