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Ankeny Area Historical Society Board Members

      2024 Officers

 JoAnn Adamson        Co-President                  

 Lois O’Donnell           Co-President 

 Carmine Boal              Vice President

 Rosemary Taylor         Secretary                   

 Jim Nervig                  Treasurer                  

    2024 Board Members                                       

 Joey Beech 

 Sue Davidson                                         

 Jason Duke 

 Bob Fontana

 Asa Hutton 

 Rob Logan

 Norman McCleary

 Joe Pitts

 Janet Willey                                       

2024 Ex-Officio Members

 Dr. Erick Pruitt                                               

 Ron Sampson   

 John Stratton                                            


Board meetings are held the 4th Tuesday of every month, except December at 5:30 pm at the museum house basement, unless noted differently.

All Officers, Board Members and Ex-Officio Members serve without compensation.

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