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Memorial Bricks

The Old Bell and Memorial Bricks

The "old bell" was atop of Central School that was built in 1909, where the house and barn museum are located now.  After a tornado in 1974, the school was damaged and was demolished.  The bell had been moved  in 1971 to Parkview School (Ankeny High School at the time, now a Middle School), thanks to V.W. Smith and the graduating class of 1929.  Then, in 2020-21, when informed First Street would be widened and the bell needed to be moved, it was decided to bring  it back to the original location.  In May 2021, through the efforts of local engineers and builders, the bell was placed on its new stone base.

One way to honor the old bell (and the memory of the old school) was to offer personalized memorial bricks to surround its base.  This effort was called "Ring around the bell."  Members and residents were informed they could order a customized brick with family names, graduating class years, or organizations names, etc. for a donation to the museum.  This has been a wonderful fundraiser for the Society and has allowed the museum to stay a vital, historical connection to the community.

To order a brick and have it installed around the bell, please click the button and complete the form with your information.

Thank you!


Donations are those funds that support the museum above and beyond the annual membership fees.  Since those fees and donations are what keep the museum going ("keeping the lights on"), they are greatly appreciated.  Donations can be given by bank check delivered to the museum or online, using the link below.  As a 501(c)(3) organization, donations may be tax deductible, too.  Many members and others have been very generous over the years with their monetary support.  We cannot thank you enough...and our conviction is to use the donation wisely to provide an inviting, educational, interesting museum for all to visit.

To donate to the museum, please click the button below.

Thank you!

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Memorials are those funds that are offered to the museum to honor a loved one or person who has passed away.  Many times, the person had a connection to the museum or enjoyed visiting.  Some memorial gifts are received from family members because it is in their "home town" or they feel their special person would want to support the museum.  It can be the way to pay tribute to them, and it is so appreciated!  Memorials can be paid by bank check and delivered to the museum or online, using the link below.  The memorial funds can be designated to be used for a specific project, placed into the general operating fund, or added to the sustaining charitable funds account.  Memorial gifts are considered a "donation" and may be tax deductible, as the museum is a 501(c)(3) organization.  Also, see our Memorial Brick link, if that might fulfill your wishes.

To offer a memorial to the museum, please click the button below.

Thank you!

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