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Ankeny Area Historical Society Board Members

      2022/2023 Officers

 JoAnn Adamson        Co-President                  

 Lois O’Donnell           Co-President 

 Carmine Boal              Vice President

 Rosemary Taylor         Secretary                   

 Jim Nervig                  Treasurer                  

    2022/2023 Board Members

 Dennis Adamson                                          

 Elaine Brazelton 

 Billie Broich                                          

 Jason Duke 

 Bob Fontana  

 Rob Logan

 JoEllen Nervig

 Joe Pitts

 Jeanne Uhl                                         

2022/2023  Ex-Officio Members

 Dr. Erick Pruitt                                               

 Ron Sampson   

 John Stratton                                            


Board meetings are held the 4th Tuesday of every month, except December at 5:30 pm at the museum house basement, unless noted differently.

All Officers, Board Members and Ex-Officio Members serve without compensation.

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